About Our School

Welcome to The Little School,

The Little School is a private non-profit educational organization dedicated to the growth and well-being of young children.

Founded in 1981, The Little School began as a small in-home daycare, which eventually grew into the well-known school it is today. The Little School is synonymous with high-quality programming and a commitment to continuous improvement.

We offer a Ladybugs and Honey Bees program for our 2 & 3 year-olds, and a Dragonflies program for our 3 to 4 year-olds. Children play, explore and learn in an environment where they are loved, respected and intellectually challenged.

We are proud to have a warm and welcoming school, featuring spacious outdoor play spaces, gardens, and meticulously prepared environments which allow children to engage with the materials, the outdoors, and each other. At our school, children become independent, thoughtful, kind and self-reliant learners.

The schedule throughout the day is designed to provide a balance of group interactions, individual exploration, and vigorous and quiet activities. We offer programs year round.

We nurture an all-inclusive community where families are welcome and invited to be active members of the classroom. The Little School admits students of any race, color, sex, religious or ethnic origin.


The Little School is committed to providing an early education model of excellence for children, their families and the greater community. We believe children learn best in a trusting environment where individual discovery and expression are developed through hands-on play. Our highly skilled and trained teachers provide a balanced routine that is structured around each child’s innate curiosity. We foster creativity through open-ended play and curated exploration time. We equip children with the social, emotional and cognitive support they need to be successful, productive members of their community. Our Little School alumni graduate with a sense of pride and respect for each other and the world around them.

The Little School MV Front


  • To foster each child’s own unique individuality.
  • To encourage individual discovery and expression.
  • To provide a balanced day for each child – meeting his or her needs for communication, joy, love, work, play, curiosity, success, approval, self- discipline, learning, rest, body care and development, responsibility, esteem and friendship.
  • To provide an environment for children where they naturally belong and can be themselves.
  • To develop an effective parent/staff education and communication system.
  • To encourage and expand the natural expression of each child’s esteem so that life begins as, and always will be, a fulfilling experience.

About Our Teachers

Our teachers are made up of professional and loving people who understand the developmental needs of children and enjoy being with children. They are hired on the basis of their professional commitment to children. They support the children in the learning about themselves, other people and the world around them at a pace that suits each child individually.

Our experienced teachers create a child-centered curriculum that incorporates developmentally appropriate practices for experiences to develop skills in all areas, including social, emotional cognitive, creative, gross and fine motor movement. They are trained to prepare children for their next step in education by appealing to and enhancing the children’s natural curiosity and joy of learning.

All of our teachers have training in Early Childhood Education as well as CPR/ First Aid certification. We offer our teachers professional development opportunities throughout the year.

Directors and Teachers

(Ages 3-4 years)

Teacher Ainsley

Honey Bees
(Ages 2-3 years)

Teacher Meadow

(Ages 3-4 years)

Teacher Robyn

(Ages 3-4 years)

Teacher Anita

(Ages 2-3 years)

Teacher Maria

Ladybugs & Honey Bees
(Ages 2-3 years)

Teacher Shirley


Chevonne Fisl

(Ages 2-3 years)

Teacher Eun Mi

Honey Bees
(Ages 2-3 years)

Teacher Kate

Join Our Team

We’ve built the Little School by carefully bringing together like-minded individuals who share a passion for early childhood development. We love what we do. In addition, we continually invest in our own growth and development, celebrating and challenging each other. The result is a culture of deep collaboration and mutual respect, and an enviably tenured and experienced team. We are seeking like-minded individuals who are up for the rewarding and invigorating work.

We are looking for enthusiastic substitute teachers to join us. If you are interested in a substitute teaching position, please contact Chevonne Fisl at info@littleschoolmv.org.